William J. Morrison: CEO of MRSC

Bill Morrison, CEOOur CEO, William J. Morrison has a burning desire to help businesses help themselves.  With over 35 years of combined Law Enforcement and Loss Prevention experience, Bill has acquired many skills that now make businesses across America stronger.  He has been in security since 1970, including:  retail investigations, criminal investigations, and security consulting.

His experience as both a retired police detective and a retired Air Force Law Enforcement Investigator has given him the skills needed to investigate crimes against businesses and succeed in court against the thieves.  His Air Force experience includes writing a number of training manuals for Law Enforcement Specialists, giving him a cutting edge in Loss Prevention Training.

Bill doesn’t cringe when it comes to change.  He’s constantly pushing ahead with new technology and resources in Loss Prevention and he works the best of the best into his practice.  If you’re looking for someone who combines the best of the “old school” with the best of the “new school,” Bill’s the man you’re looking for.  His attention to detail is second to none and has proven it’s worth many times over in American courtrooms.

He understands that many businesses simply can’t afford to add Loss Prevention employees to their payroll, and created Morrison’s Retail Security Consultants to fill that gap.  A business that follows his consultation recommendations and trains their leaders can do the same thing without the added payroll expense.  For a business that knows they have a thief, but can’t quite catch them, Bill offers top notch investigations that will give necessary evidence for prosecution.


Bill’s experience:

  • investigated over 400 armed robbery investigations with a resolution rate of over 98%.
  • conducted over 250 inquiries into retail burglaries.
  • conducted well over 1000 one-on-one interviews of a criminal nature with admission rate of over 98%
  • developed a multitude of training aides for entry level investigators in the retail world.
  • is considered an expert in integrity interviews and as a result trained over 50 retail investigators in proper procedures for conducting theft investigations.
  • is trained and proficient in handwriting analysis. Used primarily in the field of retail loss prevention.
  • trained over 1000 managers and assistant managers in robbery prevention procedures aimed at prevention of robberies and reducing the effects of robberies.
  • uses strong human relations skills in investigating allegations of sexual harassment, age discrimination etc.