Bill Morrison, CEOThe founder and CEO of Morrison’s Retail Security Consultants, Bill Morrison, has over 35 years combined experience in Law Enforcement and Loss Prevention.  Bill has been conducting security consultations, retail investigations, and criminal investigations since 1970.  He decided to launch Morrison’s Retail Security Consultants in an effort to provide personal, hands-on Loss Prevention services to those retail establishments who have an occasional need for a qualified Loss Prevention Agent but do not have the budget for a full-time employee added to their payroll.

In addition to our professional consulting and investigative services, we also provide on site physical security surveys.  These are designed to lower the external threat of criminal activity.  Mr. Morrison takes a hands-on approach to all consulting and investigative services provided to our clients.  This ensures that the highest level of professionalism is provided to all of our clients.

We offer:

  • Investigations into internal theft issues including: surveillance, custodial interviews, and interrogations.
  • Provide training classes on the basics of retail asset protection procedures. Included in this Powerpoint  presentation will be discussions on physical security of property, the hiring process to include background checks and drug testing, cash control procedures, inventory control procedures, safety and security policies and procedures.  The training program will be personalized to meet the particular needs of the company being trained.
  • Inquiries into suspicions of internal theft
  • Robbery prevention assessment
  • On-site Consultations:  physical assessment of business which is designed to help the business owner present a positive place to shop, work and invest. MRSC will look at:  alarm systems, panic buttons, building access security, external structural protection, etc.
  • Internal operational audits designed to identify cost-saving recommendations in the daily operation of the business.
  • Mystery shops
  • Evaluate and recommend procedures for hiring that are geared towards reducing the likelihood of hiring a threat to company assets.
  • Hand writing analysis aimed at identifying solution to internal investigations.

Our clients say it best:

Highly Recommend!

I have had the opportunity to work with Bill over the course of the past ten years.  His professional skills and willingness to get things done are second to none!  When I look at how to resolve a Loss Prevention problem, I always feel confident that Bill Morrison will take the challenge head on and solve the problem before it gets out of hand.  Bill comes to you with years of law enforcement experience that takes his successes to the next level.  Highly recommend you look no further for help in solving your loss prevention needs.

Jerry Homes Area Operations Manager Detroit

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